• Molcajete with a side of black beans, pico de gallo, avocado slices and rice
  • Three variants of Mojito cocktail, garnished and served in glass jars

bienvenidos ami mamacita's!

About us

Clay Rollman’s love of ‘New Mexico’ style food and his passion for serving people great food led to the opening of Mi Mamacita’s Mexican Restaurant.

Clay's mother, born in Venezuela, and spending much of her young adult life in Mexico married his father while they were students at University of Texas. Clay was born in Peru while his father was working as an economist with the Stanford Research Institute, doing work for the US Government.

His mother and father's heritage and background allowed Clay to appreciate South American and Mexican cuisine. While living in Virginia, Clay was befriended by a restaurant owner, and was introduced to the special flavors of the Red and Green chile's, so popular in New Mexico. It could be said it was love at first taste.

After working in the restaurant industry in Virginia, Clay moved to New Orleans to further expand his food and beverage skills. One day in 1995, while driving through Mandeville he noticed an old building in need of attention and as the saying goes the light bulb went off in his mind.

Clay convinced the owner of the building to let him convert the hole in the wall into a restaurant. So, with a few dollars in the bank, some small change in his pocket, a desire to share his love for New Mexico style foods, a shoe string and prayer, Mi Mamacita's was born.

Since opening, with the help of family, friends, and wonderful team members, Mi Mamacita's has become a local favorite, always serving the best in Mexican fusion food with a New Mexican flair.

Why the name Mi Mamacita's? Clay called his mother Mamacita...